Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sports are fun...right?

  Last Friday Wayne State took on Grand Valley with a double header. This was the first of the two games, taking place at 1pm. As I step up to the baseball field, I look at the players, the coaches, the crowd, and think to myself, how am I supposed to capture awesome photos when no ones standing still?! Honestly, this was my first experience with shooting action photos, and it was very tricky.
  Shooting the fans was another story. It was cold, rainy and windy for the game, so there were limited fans. The fans that were there, they were quiet and not very energetic because of the weather. I  also noticed that it's rare for the coaches to leave the dugout, making i tricky to shoot photos of them.
  In my opinion I got very lucky with the shots I got, some I was prepared for, and some I was not prepared for. Overall, I think I did a pretty good job considering this was my first encounter with shooting sports. With every move the players made, i had to be ready just in case it was a worthy shot. I had to be careful though, i didn't want the pictures to turn out blurry, or off focus.  I would say that compared to the rest of the assignments this semester, this is by far my favorite one!

Alex Kinch (18) and Kyle Zimmerman(32) talk before another pitch is thrown.
Kyle Zimmerman(32) catches the ball on first plate.

Head Coach, Ryan Kelley, (third from the left) prepping the team before the game.
Wayne State fans await the game.
Fans get distracted by the playful puppies.
Nathan Manis(24) and Griffin Harms(34) wait for the National Anthem.

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