Friday, February 27, 2015

I learned the importance of captions on a photo

I thought that captions on a photo were something that would not usually take a lot of time to do. I thought the photographer would just write what the picture is. But, in this assignment for my photojournalism class, I learned that captions are so much more than that. I learned that a caption to a photo is what draws the reader in, it is what gets them interested in the article. And in my opinion, photographs are supposed to make people want to read the article below!

For every caption, the writer must put the 5 W's and one H, which are, who, when, why, what, where and how. These '6 questions' are important because they let the reader know exactly what the article is going to be about before they read it, hence making them more interested to red the entire article. They are constituting a formula for getting the complete story on a subject.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Camera Operations

An American Flag waves in the wind on the Detroit River.
Ducks take a swim at dusk on the Detroit River.
 Festive Downtown Wyandotte in front of Sanders.
For our most recent assignment we had to go on NewsU and learn about camera controls and all of the different types of compositional elements there are. I learned the different possibilities you have when taking pictures. There is always something new for you to shoot. I learned how to find a good opportunity to shoot a photo, and I learned what angles work best and when. For all of these pictures, I was just talking a casual walk in one of the downtowns by where I live, it just happened that I stumbled on these opportunities.

I learned how to have fun with shooting photography, and I also learned how to shoot photography correctly. I went on my own little photo shoot and I am very proud with what I have learned from NewsU! The pictures I posted are examples of layering (the first picture), guidedline (the second picture) and wide depth of field (the last picture).

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The new Student Center at +Wayne State University is looking very nice! Much more room for students to utilize! So far this semester we have seen many groups on campus hold events here, such as the Greek System here at Wayne State holding Gift of Life Tables.

On a daily basis, we can plan on seeing many students doing their homework, studying, chatting with friends or simply sitting down with a cup of coffee that can be purchased at the brand new Starbucks! In the basement of the new Student Center, there are many stations, which are pictured, that have flat screen televisions, charging stations, and plenty of comfortable seating! Keep it up Wayne State, the renovations have been student approved!!